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MVR is a brand specialized in VR contents and VR technology development and hardware development. Motion Technology's 20-year motion capture know-how has been integrated into MVR.


Motion Technology has been in motion capture business for about 20 years. Starting with the first real-time animation production based on motion capture, we have produced TV series animations, animated characters in the game, and animated gorillas in motion. We have developed the domestic motion capture market and developed solution that can be applied to various fields by utilizing know-how of long time.


Motion Technology has been applying VR to motion capture technology that has been accumulated over a long period of time to produce VR content in different dimensions. In addition, we have been developing Haptic VEST, VR Gun, Backpack PC, etc. to solve the difficulties in contents production due to the limitation of VR devices. For the more immersive VR content, we also developed an effector for the 4D effect of wind, fire, and vibration to enable realistic VR experience.


Starting with Black Badge Outpost in 2017, we continued to develop VR content with the goal of bringing new experience to the Black Badge signal in 2018.

In Korea, for the first time in the world, we provide the total solutions for VR industries on our own.

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