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LBE based free-roaming VR game
Now available!

What is MVR ?

We succeeded to redevelop our

MVR(MotionVR) Platform to match the

relatively inexpensive devices.

NEW MVR 2.0 allows you to use PC-quality VR content on your wireless Oculus Quest2 or ViVE Focus 3 without

using a backpack PC.

We keep trying to optimize to popularize VR game content spreading worldwide.

6M X 6M


1 - 6 Players

Oculus Quest2
or ViVE Focus 3

High ROI


자산 2.png

6M X 6M

모션테크 109510.jpg

Optional Hardware

We have been developing our own equipment, such as Haptic

VEST, VR Gun, Backpack PC, to solve the difficulties in contents

production due to the limitation of VR devices.

For the more immersive VR content, we also developed an effector

for the 4D effect of wind, fire, and vibration to enable a realistic VR experience.

VR Vest&PC 2nd 01.png



4D Effector

180314 VRGun v3.8.png



MVR Deck


BLACK BADGE VR  is a science fiction VR game series, and all of its

contents feature each independent story set in the future and various

genres such as shooting, room escape, and PVP.



Black Badge Outpost-Nologo 복사.png
Boot_Camp_Poster-1 복사.png



Signal_Poster(16vs9) 복사_edited.png
Lock_Out_web 복사.png



Why Choose
Black Badge VR

What makes us different.

Lower Initial Cost

Do you want to start the Black Badge VR as your new business? You don't have to spend a lot of money at once. Which device or PC type you have, you get only one fixed monthly fee.

Use of generalized VR devices

Already have Oculus or Vive? Black Badge VR can be optimized without incurring additional costs to existing devices. Even if you no longer use the Black Badge VR, your devices can still be used.

Only 6m*6m Space is Needed

To play Black Badge VR, does not require a complex and special space. All you need is a space of 6m square where the user can freely use the

free-roaming platform.

Easy System

Wherever you live, you can download any Black Badge VR you want with a few clicks. Are you having trouble setting up a black badge? A dedicated black badge installation team will take care of

your entire process.

Flexible Contracts

You can get licenses for Black Badge VR as many times as you like for a low monthly fee. It's okay to try one series for just one month.

Whatever you want BlackBadge VR fits

Contact our experts

Looking for the best VR game content in mind?

Our expert will contact you soon. Thank you!

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