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Players must go through the final gateway to become a Black Badge crew member. The trainees will divide into teams and work together to capture more spots than the other team.

Duration : 15min  |  Genre : PVP
Players : 2~6 Players  |  Platform : 

Black Badge BootCamp

Players enter the training camp to become Black Badge crew members. Now you can become a Black Badge crew member through training. Crew members will compete against one another to prove who is worthy of becoming a true member of the Black Badge crew. The Black Badge Bootcamp is real PvP content. Compete in teams of 2v2 and 3v3. You must capture more spots than your opponent in order to win. Make sure to protect yourself from any attacks from the state team.

BootCamp Mission

You have entered a training camp to become a Black Badge crew member. To become a Black Badge crew member, divide your team into 2v2 and 3v3 to capture more spots than your opponents while avoiding their attacks. Only the members of the winning team will become Black Badge crew members.

Game Video

Content Features

  • This is a PvP game where you become a Black Badge trainee and confront each team.

  • This game uses an MVR-only platform.

  • Use the specially-made Backpack PC, Haptic Vest, and VR Gun to experience exclusive content.

  • The SF content gives players the sensation of being hit through shots and futuristic elements.

  • You can use your voice to communicate with other players. (Cooperative play available)

  • 4D play allows effects such as vibration and wind to realistically immerse players in gameplay.

  • The Haptic Vest gives players the feeling of being attacked. Vibrations occur in the front, back, left, and right, according to the direction of the shot.

  • The game allows players to become fully embodied as a Black Badge crew member due to the realistic sensations offered during gameplay.

  • The game supports not only full body but also finger movement.

  • Each Black Badge series contains linked scenario-based storytelling.

  • You need a 7 m x 7 m x 2.5 m (W x D x H) space to operate the content. (Slight adjustments to the space are possible.)

  • It includes an MVR Deck, a dedicated operation program for content management. (Touch interface)

VR Platform (MVR)

The MVR platform is a Black Badge-only platform that increases the realism of the content and immersion into gameplay by applying new technology such as a sophisticated tracking system based on motion capture technology, 4D effects such as wind and vibration, and techniques for utilizing full-body characters.

BB- bootcamp.png
MVR Platform Features
  • Platform for operating Black Badge content.

  • Requires 7 m x 7 m x 2.5 m (W x D x H) space to operate content.

  • Installs precise active tracking system based on motion capture camera.

  • Configuration that can be used simultaneously by up to six players.

  • Includes 4D effect controllers such as vibration and wind.

  • Includes PC and touch monitor for content operation.

  • Backpack PC, Haptic Vest, Haptic Gun, Active HMD, etc.

  • Multiview monitor for player viewing.

  • Backpack PC Holder

모션_블랙뱃지 부스 3.png

Character System

모션테크 109498.jpg

The Black Badge Bootcamp content uses movements from the player's entire body and fingers, enhancing the player's sense of realism and immersion into gameplay. Players can move objects by touching while also manipulating objects using free movements of the arms and fingers, allowing players the ability to feel like a realistic character. Characters are also capable of walking, thus fully implementing all movements of the human body. To do this, the player only needs to wear the backpack PC and use HMD. There is no need to use any additional inconvenient or cumbersome devices.

모션테크 109495.jpg

VR Devices

VR Vest&PC 2nd 01.png

Haptic VEST

Vibrations to the front, back, left, and right by classifying shots, such as gun attacks or bomb vibrations

180314 VRGun v3.8.png

VR Gun

Rebound and four triggers for bullets, lasers, etc.

180314 HMD.40.png

Active HMD

HMD with built-in LeapMotion and active marker.



BootCamp Intro
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BootCamp Intro

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Black Badge-Outpost|VR PARK IN. TOKYO
Play Video

Black Badge-Outpost|VR PARK IN. TOKYO

Black Badge Signal
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Black Badge Signal


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