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BackPack PC

​BackPack PC

180314 MPC.36.png
Robust BackPack PC for reliable content execution and management
  • Backpack PC Management tool (MVR Deck)

  • Remote Power On / Off

  • Server Monitoring Tool Provided

  • Power monitoring (4-step power management)

  • Cutting-edge design

  • Hot swap Battery

  • Four simultaneous battery chargers available

  • Power level indicator LED in step 5

  • Compatible with Oculus rift, HTC vive, Samsung Odyssey HMD support

  • Covers of durable material

  • GeForce GTX1070 8GB

MBC 180928.124.png

Haptic VEST

VR Vest&PC 2nd 01.png
Feedback-responsive suit to feel VR more realistic
  • Haptic vest

  • Cutting-edge design

  • Easy wear with zipper

  • Free size, size adjustable

  • Strong durability, water-proof, flame-retardant

  • Wireless connection

  • 4-way hit point control (front, back, left, right)

  • 6 hitting points (4 front and 2 rear) individually controlled

  • Wireless control via server

  • Multiple haptic vest control via server

  • Over 12 hours of operation time (available throughout the day)

  • Unity, Unreal engine Support

Haptic VEST
VR Gun

VR Gun

180314 VRGun v3.115.png
VRP 0928.116.png
Gun specially designed for LBVR
Motion - MVR receiver.png
  • Wireless connection

  • LBE content support

  • Motion tracking system support (PhaseSpace, OptiTrack, HTC vive)

  • State-of-the-art programmable haptics

  • Advanced design

  • More than 64 players can be connected

  • Strong durability

  • Buttons for trigger, the change of mode, and reload

  • Two-handed button configuration for left and right hands

  • On / Off power button

  • Check status OLED display

  • Usable over 12 hours

  • Unity , Unreal engine support

RF Receiver
Multi Charger

Active HMD

180314 HMD.40.png
Accurately tracking head movement
  • Oculus rift support (& HTC vive, Samsung Odyssey HMD)

  • Motion tracking system support (PhaseSpace, OptiTrack, HTC vive)

  • Leap Motion allows tracking hands & Finger

Active HMD
MVR Deck

MVR Deck

  • Remotely control the contents

  • Back Pack PC remote control (switch on / off, Battery monitoring, Content management)

  • Haptic VEST remote management (motion monitoring, remote diagnosis)

  • VR gun remote management (motion monitoring, remote diagnosis)

  • HMD monitoring

  • User-to-user, multi-party, voice chat


4D Effector

  • Wind, vibration, heater effects (3 types)

  • Wind 4ch connection possible (by model)

  • Heater 2ch connection possible (by model)

  • Vibration 2ch connection possible (by model)

  • Wind, vibration 2ch connection possible (by model)

  • User controllable

  • Operable by channel

  • Wireless connection

  • OLED display

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